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Alessandra Tona my sister in law a former high school teacher and cancer survivor and myself, Maria Elena Padilla a full-time mom, computer artist, and designer founded Almaweaving. 
ALMA stands for Ale and Maria and means “Soul” in Spanish. 
We wanted to create a brand that would be a vehicle to provide opportunities for youth and artisans in our small country of El Salvador.
We didn’t know how, until we met Jose, a young artist that traveled 8 hours a day, to get to and back from University. 
Jose worked several jobs and had to drop out of school a few times, but his mind was set on finishing his degree in languages to then become a Spanish Teacher in Paris. 
Jose had never traveled outside of El Salvador, but his dream and determination became our inspiration.  We then embarked on our mission to create a business that could “upcycle the potential of human beings” by “weaving opportunities”.